Top 8 Useful Items to Have In Your Car This Winter

January 6th, 2020 by

During the winter months its very important to make sure you are prepared for the weather. I’ve comprised a list of common items I keep in my car during the winter. I hope you find it helpful as well.

1. Ice Scraper
Nothing sucks more than sitting in your car waiting for your defroster to do all the work. It is also very dangerous to start driving without your car properly defrosted. Ice scrapers are cheap and the most essential item to have during the winter. A cheap ice scraper can be found here.
2. Snow Shovel
Imagine you’re at work and it begins to snow. Your boss doesn’t let you out and that snow is starting to accumulate. Hours go by and when you get to your car there’s 4 inches worth of snow. Having a snow shovel in your car to dig out your car would be super helpful. Especially if a plow has already come by and put a nice pile right behind your car.
3. Extra Windshield-Wiper Fluid
Driving with a dirty windshield is one of the most frustrating things when operating your vehicle. With all the salt and sand they put on the road today its very common to be washing your windshield multiple times a day. Doing so can really put a dent in your fluid reserve so having a bottle in your car is always a good idea.
4. Road Side Flares / Reflective Triangles
These caution signals are helpful for both protecting you and your vehicle in addition to letting others driving by that you may need help. These small visual signals could be the difference between another car ramming into you on the side of the road and getting help fast. A nice reflective set can be found here
5. Tow Strap
Someone just saw your road side flares and stopped to help. Only problem is you’re stuck in a ditch and pushing isn’t going to accomplish anything. Good thing you have a tow strap to connect your car to yours. Make sure someone stays in the stuck vehicle to brake and steer. An affordable tow strap can be found here
6. Jumper Box/Cables
Your car battery hates the cold, so that means its more prone to die and lose charge during the winter. Always be prepared with a jumper box and a set of jumper cables. The portable jumper box I use can be found here

8. Food and Water
Although you may always have food and water in your car its especially important in these colder months where you may be stuck in your car for an extended period of time.

9. Blanket and Warm Clothes
Many people may not dress for the weather when in their car because they go from garage to garage. To avoid freezing in case of an emergency its always a good idea to have blanket and warm clothes just in case.



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