The Ultimate Detail Packages

Road Ready Used Cars will have your car leaving with everything sparkling from head to toe. We clean everything meticulously from the vehicle’s engine-jam, undercarriage and wheels with a high pressure 320 W steam washer. We then proceed to wet clay the entire surface of the painted service depending on the severity of the paint. We then wet sand and compound to ensure all scratches and paint fade are satisfactory. The final step to ensure a long-lasting finish is a carnauba paste wax to protect your exterior for a minimum of six months. We use a high-speed buffer to get in every nook and cranny and professional detailers never burn the paint. We just leave you with a glossy sparkling automobile. The front fascia is first soaked and then scrubbed and rinsed to loosen and remove dirt, grime, grease, and any bug splatter residue. We then use our sudsy car cleaner to wash the car which includes UV protection and polymers. We wash all of our vehicles with micro-fiber mitts so that they are left with sparkle and shine. We now move on to the interior of the vehicle. We start by removing the seats which enable us to perform a deep cleanse on the rugs with a steam extractor. Your car’s interior is vacuumed and air purged to loosen and remove dirt and dust from the entire interior. Carpets and upholstery are then pre-spotted, shampooed and finally deep cleaned using a special extractor to remove ground-in dirt, grime, and stale odors. All interior and exterior windows, mirrors, gauges, dash and panels are cleaned, leaving your interior feeling, smelling and looking brand spanking new. Leather seats are cleaned and conditioned with a pH balanced product. to restore the leather’s natural beauty without a slippery feel. There is no one or place that rejuvenates an automobile like Road Ready Used Cars. We guarantee it!

We offer many levels of keeping your car looking new. We offer hand car washes and vacuums. We also can prepare custom packages upon request!

Steam Cleaning

Engine – We help fight against oil and grime keeping your engine purring like a kitten with high-pressure steam clean. With today’s magnesium chloride that is used to melt snow and ice will not only deteriorate your vehicle’s paint but will also destroy your engine block and components. This leaves your vehicle mechanically inoperable. Save money and perform this service at least a couple of times during the winter season.

Under Carriage – We can lift a vehicle weighing up to 18,000 pounds to steam clean the entire undercarriage of almost any vehicle on the road. We will use a high pressure of steam which heats up to 320 degrees. This gets rid of the dangerous chemicals such as magnesium chloride from all the under-carriage areas. We will make sure brake, fuel and transmission lines are free of all harmful debris. The underneath will look new once this deep cleansing is performed. Keep your vehicle rust free for years of trouble free driving!

Wheel Repair Services

Our wheel repair services can fix a variety of wheel damage – from peeling clear coats and damaged rims to bent and scratched wheels, our skilled technicians are able to return many types of wheels to their original condition.

Chip Repair

Our technicians utilize an advanced paint chip repair process. Technicians are able to eliminate a large quantity of small paint chips and scratches concentrated in one area without sanding and repainting the vehicle. Instead of having your entire car repainted, Road Ready can repair chips in your car made from rocks etc. so you can save yourself some money!

Bumper Repair

We provide bumper repairs from textured bumper repairs to painted bumper repairs. Your bumper will leave Road Ready looking like you just bought a new car.

Scratch Repairs

Our technicians can repair auto scratches without requiring a full new coat of paint, resulting in a cost and time savings for our customers. We are equipped to repair scratches on doors, hoods, fenders and bumpers.

Windshield Chip Repair

Chipped Windshields can turn into a major problem if they aren’t taken care of. Our windshield repair process can be used on chips that are starbursts or bull’s-eyes up to the diameter of a quarter.

Trim & Bumper Dying

This is great for vehicles that are on the old side! After a while, the trim starts to fade. The technique dying provides a long-lasting rejuvenation to your cars trim making it look new again.

Paintless Dent Repair

Do you have numerous dents in your doors from people hitting them with their car doors? We massage the dented panels and bring them back to their original shape without causing any harm to the paint job. Well our paintless dent repair repairs dents in a quick time frame and for a great price!

Fabric Protection

We provide a colorless and odorless protector guards against stains while it forms an invisible barrier, making it easier to clean up spills.

Dye Rugs and Interior & Fix Burn Holes and Rips

We provide carpet dye services to repair worn, stained and discolored car carpets. We fix everything from cigarette burns, holes, cuts and tears. Hole repairs are limited to those that are less than 1″ in diameter and carpet rips and tears are not to exceed 3″ in length.

Console and Dashboard Repair

After having your vehicle for a period of time your console and dashboard can take a beating from spills, stains etc. We remove stains and scratches from your vehicle console making them look new again.

Interior Leather Repair

Our seat repair and leather steering wheel repair helps improve the appearance of your vehicle. Our technicians are trained in the latest technology and are able to complete a variety of repairs on your leather seats and steering wheel.

Full Car Upholstery Repair

We can restore seats in any vehicle to their original appearance. We can repair both the seat covers and fabric whether there are rips or burns our technicians are trained to make them look brand new!

2010 Nissan Rogue SL Before:

2010 Nissan Rogue SL After:

2013 Audi Q3 Before:

2013 Audi Q3 After:

Mazda: Before

Mazda: After

Chevrolet: Before

Chevrolet: After

2008 Chrysler Pacifica: Before

2008 Chrysler Pacifica: After

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Nissan: After

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Rav4: After

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